Is This Glimpse of Big Sur a Peek into Heaven?

Breathtaking view of Big Sur coastline with turquoise waters, rugged cliffs, and a eucalyptus tree framing the scenic California seascape.

The Story Behind Big Sur Paradise

I’m Jamie, a nature & landscape photographer from Las Vegas, Nevada. California’s Big Sur coast was the most beautiful place I’d ever seen, so my goal was to take a photograph of the rocky shore worthy of hanging over the fireplace in my home.
The distance I lived from Big Sur was my most significant barrier. Despite our frequent trips to California, it was always still a good distance away. And when nearby, the long windy road made the journey out of reach. One day, on a trip to Morro Bay, my husband surprised me by offering to make the long drive up the coast.
I didn’t have a specific spot to photograph in mind. I just had a feeling deep inside that I’d know the spot when I got there. We stopped at every pullout to take in the sights. The morning haze lingered longer than I hoped it would. And it didn’t look like I would get a photograph with clear skies on this adventure. I didn’t give up hope, and we kept exploring.
Just before it was time to turn back, we stopped at one last turnout. In what felt like an instant, the sun rays washed away what was left of the morning gloom, and the colors of paradise appeared before my eyes.
A small piece of beach with the most beautiful blue-green water stood in front of me. I thought, “this is what Heaven must look like”. As the water got deeper further out, my favorite shade of blue reflected from the water further offshore. A sense of peace washed over me. I didn’t want to blink, but I knew I had to grab my camera and get a photograph of this moment.
My camera was ready to go. I pressed away at the shutter button, strategically placing a nearby eucalyptus in-frame for perspective. I captured the colors of paradise with the perfect composition. I had done it!
I felt a sense of pride and accomplishment that is hard to express. My friends were in awe of the beauty of the location and everyone wanted a copy of the photo. I had captured a moment that I would remember forever, which is the greatest validation of all.
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