Can One Sunset Capture the Essence of California?

Hi my name is Jamie and I make art from the photographs I take of beautiful landscapes. It is my goal to create images that evoke the same emotions for my viewers as I had when standing at the scene taking the photo.

California. It’s where I go to get away from the pressures of life. While I do get to visit often, it’s never often enough. From the cool ocean breeze, to the palm trees, the smell of the salt air, the sound crashing waves on the shoreline…it calms my soul and brings me a sense of peace I can’t find anywhere else. And the sunsets, they make all the work worth it. That moment at the end of the day when the entire seascape changes color and the sun turns into a ball of fire dipping into the horizon, nothing else but that moment matters. It never lasts long enough, as if the sun is in a hurry to get somewhere. And after the glow is gone, I look forward to tomorrow for the clear blue sky and the cold sand between my toes as I walk along the shore.
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