Lighthouse Glow: Fleeting or Forever?

The historic Pigeon Point Lighthouse stands as a beacon of light against a backdrop of a fiery sunset and churning sea, symbolizing guidance and hope amidst the wild coastal landscape.

My name is Jamie, and I am a passionate nature & landscape photographer from Las Vegas, Nevada. I have been creating art from my photos for many years.

I intended to add the coastal scenery of lighthouses to my professional portfolio. I had always been fascinated by the beauty and history of these structures, and I knew that capturing the perfect photograph of one would be a career-defining moment for me.

My most significant barrier was the unpredictable weather on the coast during this winter season. I had to plan my trip to this location perfectly, timing it between rain storms so that I could capture the perfect shot of serenity combined with moody skies. But even with all my planning, the weather always seemed to be against me.

My saving grace was my drive and determination to succeed against any obstacles. I knew this was my chance to make a name for myself in the photography world, and I wasn't going to let a little bad weather get in my way.

After a long 2-hour drive north on Highway 1, my husband and I arrived at the Pigeon Point Lighthouse viewpoint just before sunset. The smell of salt water filled the air. The sight of the tall white lighthouse was breathtaking. It stood tall and proud against the ocean backdrop, and I could picture the light shining from the top, guiding ships safely to shore. As I set up my camera, I could hear the crashing waves only a short distance away. I took a moment to taste the salt on my lips, fully immersing myself in the experience. I began to trudge down the hill toward the water's edge. My rain boots stuck to the mud with each step from the floods the day before.

I set up my tripod and started to photograph the lighthouse. Gusts of wind pulled at my clothes and rocked my tripod, making it challenging to keep the camera steady.

I knew my narrow window of fair weather was closing, but I wasn't ready to leave yet. This area was prone to mudslides and road debris. While the weather was worsening, I didn't want to get stuck on the wrong side of a road closure this far north on Highway 1. I held on tight to my equipment, praying the end result would be worth it.

The sun was setting, and the area was growing darker. For a moment, I thought the sky had become too dark to capture the kind of sunset I was hoping for. Then, the sun peeked through in what felt like an instant, and light rays exploded from the clouds! The scene reminded me of a beautiful painting from a greeting card. I snapped away, capturing as many photographs as possible before losing the light.

The process of capturing this work of art was a memory that I will always treasure. Whenever I saw it, I knew it would inspire me to pursue my dreams regardless of any obstacles I may face. But most importantly, a beautiful work of art has been created to show the world how beautiful the Lighthouses in this part of California are.

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