About Jamie Lee Peterson

Hey there! I'm Jamie, a nature lover from the bustling city of Las Vegas.


I believe that nature isn't just something we see; it's a world we're part of. Through my camera lens, I capture the quiet beauty of the world—the colors, the light, and the life that fills every corner of our planet. It's more than just taking pictures; it's about sharing moments that make us feel calm, amazed, and connected to the earth. I'm dedicated to protecting this beautiful planet by using materials that are good for the environment and helping clean the oceans and plant trees. Because for me, photography is not just art; it's a way to make a difference.

Jamie Lee Peterson sitting on the jetty at the beach


My journey with photography started as a kid, always with a camera in hand, captivated by the beauty of the outdoors. But it was the ocean's mysteries that truly called to me, leading me to scuba dive and discover the vibrant life beneath the waves. Despite the challenges of living far from these natural wonders, my determination and love for adventure have taken me to some of the most breathtaking scenes on earth. Photography has become my way of sharing these special moments with you.

The Beginning

My photography adventure truly began the moment I captured my first underwater scene with a flash. That instant of vibrant colors and mesmerizing details under the sea was a revelation. It wasn't just about the picture; it was about sharing a world unseen by many. This experience sparked a flame within me. I realized my purpose: to bring the extraordinary beauty of the underwater realm, and later all of nature, to those who might never witness its magic firsthand.

Jamie and Neil Peterson with their dogs Molly and Pixie with the Santa Monica pier in the backgroun


Everything changed in 2020. Suddenly, I had time and a travel trailer, my ticket to freedom. With my husband and our new home on wheels, I rediscovered my connection with nature—above and below the water. Photography wasn't just a hobby anymore; it was my life's mission. I began capturing everything from the grandeur of forests to the tranquility of beaches, expanding my horizons and embracing the beauty above the water with the same fervor I felt beneath the waves.

The Present

Now, I spend my days creating art from nature's own masterpiece, selling over 100 photographs and sharing the magic I see with the world. Every piece is a story, a piece of my heart, a fragment of the soul of the world we share. My work isn't just to decorate walls; it's to bring the essence of nature's wonder into our homes and hearts, inspiring us all to protect and cherish our planet. Whether it's the mesmerizing dance of light in a forest or the serene depths of the ocean, I invite you to join me in celebrating and conserving the beauty that surrounds us.