About Me

Although my earliest memories in life include running around with a camera in hand, for many years I spent too much of my life absorbed with work and studying. I was letting life speed by unnoticed.

When I began scuba diving in 2004, I brought a camera with me on every dive so I could show my mom the many creatures I saw on my adventures. It wasn’t long before I knew I needed to bring the unique beauty of the underwater world to the surface for all to appreciate.

Since then, my studies of meditation and mindfulness have opened my eyes to the beauty all around me and has allowed me to expand my photographic work to dry land. Landscapes, starscapes, and wildlife have now become staples in my work.

Since the camera doesn’t always do a scene justice, I have learned to have as much fun in the digital darkroom as I do behind the camera. Some of my most rewarding pieces have come from turning what might have been a “throw away” photo into a beautiful piece of art.

I have devoted many years to capturing Earth’s beauty and showcasing scenes in a unique manner. It is my hope that my photography help others also see the beauty around them and conserve and protect it as a result.

Whether they’re from deep below the ocean’s surface or far out in the stars, I hope my photographs bring you as much peace and happiness as they brought me in creating them.