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Humpback Whale Gift, Ocean Marine Life, Whale Wall Art

Humpback Whale Gift, Ocean Marine Life, Whale Wall Art

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"Lobtailing Majesty" - A Humpback Whale's Display in Monterey Bay

Dive into the ocean's charm and experience its powerful spectacle with this stunning wall art featuring a humpback whale, the gentle giant of the sea. With its majestic tail breaching the water's surface, this photograph captures a slice of marine life's enchantment. It's a scene that speaks of the whale's playful spirit, creating a lively splash that echoes the heartbeats of the ocean.

  • Ocean Gift: This whale wall art brings a piece of the underwater world into your home. It's an ideal whale gift for anyone who adores the ocean's creatures or has a soft spot for these magnificent animals. The serene backdrop of rolling hills and a quiet town reminds us of the harmony between humans and ocean marine life.
  • Captivating Moment: The stunning image captures a Humpback Whale with its tail high in the air, showcasing the mesmerizing behavior known as lobtailing.
  • Vivid Detail: Witness the intricate splash patterns and the might of the whale set against the serene backdrop of Monterey Bay.
  • Home and Office Decor:
    • Canvas Wall Art: Delivered ready to hang, this piece brings the majesty of marine life into your space.
    • Aluminum Metal Decor: For a sleek, contemporary look with a glossy finish that makes the moment pop.
    • Premium Paper Prints: A matte option that gives you the freedom to choose your frame (not included), to best match your decor.
  • Gift of the Ocean: Ideal for whale lovers and marine life enthusiasts or as a captivating addition to a whale nursery theme.
  • Elegant Presentation: Whether for a living room or a professional space, this piece serves as a conversation starter and a window to the wonders of the sea.

With soothing blues and gentle greens, this canvas art will calm any space, making it perfect for young dreamers or as an educational piece to inspire a love for marine biology. It's an invitation to celebrate the beauty of our oceans and the amazing life within them. Hang this whale tail canvas on your wall and let it transport you to the wonders beneath the waves, making every day an ocean adventure.

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Additional Information


Premium Photo Paper Prints

  • High quality: Printed professional paper with a matte finish
  • Frame it your way: Designed to be placed in a glass frame (sold separately)
  • Cleaning: Since this is a paper print, it should stay clean in the frame you place it in, be sure to keep it free of dust, damp environments, and fingerprints in the mean time
  • Multiple sizes:
    • 8x10-inches
    • 11x14-inches
    • 16x20-inches


Gallery-Wrapped Canvas Prints

  • No assembly required: Arrives ready to hang right out of the box
  • Image Wrap: The photograph wraps around the edges of the canvas, providing a finished look from all angles
  • UV Protected: The canvas is treated with a UV-protective coating to safeguard against sunlight damage and maintain color vibrancy.
  • Coated: Laminated to protect the surface of the art, while enhancing the appearance with a glossy finish
  • Sturdy: 1.5-inch-thick wooden stretcher bars that give it shape, in the same way, an oil painting is traditionally assembled
  • Seamless: No staples or unsightly lines are visible on the sides
  • Great for interiors: Intended for indoor use only
  • Cleaning You can dust canvases with a soft, dry cloth.
  • Multiple sizes available:
    • Single panel options:
      • 16x20 inches
      • 24x36 inches
      • 30x40 inches
    • 3 panel options (the image is split across three canvases):
      • 24x72 = You get three 24x24-inch panels (2 feet x 6 feet total)
      • 36x72 = You get three 36x24-inch panels (3 feet x 6 feet total)
      • 40x90 = You get three 40x30-inch panels (3.3 feet x 7.5 feet total)

Aluminum Metal Prints

  • Floating metal art: 0.04" (1mm) thick specialty coated aluminum metal includes a mount that floats the picture 0.75" (2cm) from your wall
  • Glossy: Comes with a glossy coating and rounded edges
  • No assembly required: Arrives ready to hang right out of the box
  • Super sturdy: Both waterproof and scratch resistant
  • So clean: Can be cleaned with a damp cloth
  • UV Protected: Printed using UV-resistant ink to prevent fading
  • Multiple sizes:
    • 16x20-inches
    • 24x36-inches
    • 30x40-inches


Our prints are crafted especially for you when you place your order. This helps keep our overhead low and our planet happy by reducing waste.
Please expect each type of print to arrive within the following timeframes: 
  • Premium Photo Paper: 2 to 7 business days to print + 5 days for free shipping
  • Gallery-Wrapped Canvas: Up to 5 business days to print + 5 days for free shipping
  • Metal Print: Up to 7 business days to print + 5 days for free shipping


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