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Mammoth Hot Springs Travertine Terrace Abstract Yellowstone Decoration

Mammoth Hot Springs Travertine Terrace Abstract Yellowstone Decoration

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Veiled Terrace: Mystique of Mammoth Hot Springs" - Abstract Nature Art

Embrace the serenity of nature's early morning embrace with "Veiled Terrace", a captivating piece of wilderness wall art that transports you to the heart of Yellowstone National Park. 

  • Captivating Essence: This exquisite work of art captures the Mammoth Hot Springs Terraces just after sunrise, enveloped in a tranquil blanket of fog, creating an almost abstract portrayal of geology and time.
  • History in Art: The soft light of dawn gently illuminates the steaming terraces, their mineral-rich layers cascading into the distance, each one telling a millennia-old story of earth's inner workings. The thick fog adds a mysterious veil, making the scene as ethereal as it is scenic, an embodiment of the outdoors frozen in a moment of silent awe.
  • Artfully Crafted for Display:
    • Canvas Wall Art: Ready to hang, bringing the otherworldly allure of the Wyoming landscape into your living space.
    • Aluminum Metal Decor: A contemporary, ready-to-hang option that reflects the unique texture of the terraces and complements Western decorations.
    • Premium Paper Prints: Select your own frame (sold separately) to enhance this Wyoming art print, ideal for those who love to personalize their space.
  • Sublime Detail: The intricate patterns and ethereal steam of Mammoth Hot Springs are rendered in exquisite detail, offering a unique addition to any national park decor collection.
  • Intriguing Perspective: This artwork is not just a piece of national park decor; it's a gift to the senses, a daily retreat for those who yearn for the untamed beauty of the wilderness. The delicate interplay of light and mist over textured geological formations provides a unique, abstract quality of scenic wall art that will stand out in any room.
  • A Portal to the American West: Crafted for those who find solace in the scenic whispers of nature, this piece is a tribute to the grandeur of America's natural landscapes. It invites viewers to step into a world where the wilderness whispers ancient secrets, and every glance reveals a different facet of its quiet majesty.

Whether as a gift for a nature lover or a statement piece for your own space, this canvas is a connection to the outdoors, a window to the soul of Yellowstone, and a timeless reminder of the world's natural wonders. Add "Veiled Terrace" to your collection and let the wild's quiet mystery fill your home with its silent, scenic beauty.

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Additional Information


Premium Photo Paper Prints

  • High quality: Printed professional paper with a matte finish
  • Frame it your way: Designed to be placed in a glass frame (sold separately)
  • Cleaning: Since this is a paper print, it should stay clean in the frame you place it in, be sure to keep it free of dust, damp environments, and fingerprints in the mean time
  • Multiple sizes:
    • 8x10-inches
    • 11x14-inches
    • 16x20-inches


Gallery-Wrapped Canvas Prints

  • No assembly required: Arrives ready to hang right out of the box
  • Image Wrap: The photograph wraps around the edges of the canvas, providing a finished look from all angles
  • UV Protected: The canvas is treated with a UV-protective coating to safeguard against sunlight damage and maintain color vibrancy.
  • Coated: Laminated to protect the surface of the art, while enhancing the appearance with a glossy finish
  • Sturdy: 1.5-inch-thick wooden stretcher bars that give it shape, in the same way, an oil painting is traditionally assembled
  • Seamless: No staples or unsightly lines are visible on the sides
  • Great for interiors: Intended for indoor use only
  • Cleaning You can dust canvases with a soft, dry cloth.
  • Multiple sizes available:
    • Single panel options:
      • 16x20 inches
      • 24x36 inches
      • 30x40 inches
    • 3 panel options (the image is split across three canvases):
      • 24x72 = You get three 24x24-inch panels (2 feet x 6 feet total)
      • 36x72 = You get three 36x24-inch panels (3 feet x 6 feet total)
      • 40x90 = You get three 40x30-inch panels (3.3 feet x 7.5 feet total)

Aluminum Metal Prints

  • Floating metal art: 0.04" (1mm) thick specialty coated aluminum metal includes a mount that floats the picture 0.75" (2cm) from your wall
  • Glossy: Comes with a glossy coating and rounded edges
  • No assembly required: Arrives ready to hang right out of the box
  • Super sturdy: Both waterproof and scratch resistant
  • So clean: Can be cleaned with a damp cloth
  • UV Protected: Printed using UV-resistant ink to prevent fading
  • Multiple sizes:
    • 16x20-inches
    • 24x36-inches
    • 30x40-inches


Our prints are crafted especially for you when you place your order. This helps keep our overhead low and our planet happy by reducing waste.
Please expect each type of print to arrive within the following timeframes: 
  • Premium Photo Paper: 2 to 7 business days to print + 5 days for free shipping
  • Gallery-Wrapped Canvas: Up to 5 business days to print + 5 days for free shipping
  • Metal Print: Up to 7 business days to print + 5 days for free shipping


Buy a print, and help save the world!

The motivation behind my photography has always been to display the Earth’s beauty. Earth is so valuable and fragile; it is our responsibility as humans to take care of it. To me, there is nothing more important than doing our part to give back to this beautiful planet we live on called Earth. Therefore, I use my photos to help promote conservation and sustainability.

One way I that I do this is by donating a percentage of the proceeds from every product sold to the non-profit organization listed below.

As of today, proceeds from sales of my Fine Art Photography will generate donations with the following structure:

  • 10% of net revenue See Life Inspiration earns from online sales channels will be donated to The Ocean Clean-Up to help remove plastic from the ocean. 
  • One tree is planted for every work of art printed through our premium printing partner, Pictorem
  • Additional contributions made to the National Forest Foundation to plant trees.

    Visit the Corporate Social Responsibility Page to see how your purchases have made an environmental impact! 


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    • Quality Assurance

      All artwork is printed on high-quality, durable materials that will last.

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